Jayson Brown Hones Your CTF Skills at CircleCityCon ’15

Indianapolis, CircleCityCon ’15 – June 12-14 –  Jayson Brown, an IT Security Specialist for one of Michigan’s largest health care organizations, hones your hacking skills via Capture the Flag exercises.  Participants to this 8 hour course will test their skills by attacking a complete virtual business called Corp Co. Interested attendees should sign up at: https://circlecitycon.com/tickets

The Corp Co. virtual environment incorporates challenges gleaned from Jayson’s nearly 20 years of IT experience.  Attendees will benefit from exercising the basics of computer networks, social engineering, and offensive hacking in an environment free of legal complexities.

About CicleCityCon:

CircleCityCon is a community-centered information security conference. Our signature offering is the community-led training classes offered to all participants. Events and contests are organized by members of the security community, including both CircleCityCon staffers and community partners. Two tracks, incredible entertainment, and technical villages help round out the CircleCityCon experience.  Please send any event-related questions to Marketing@circlecitycon.com.

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