Babs O’Matic Introduces Wearable E-Textiles at CircleCityCon ’15

Indianapolis, CircleCityCon ’15 – June 12-14 – Babs O’Matic, computer scientist and maker, introduces workshop attendees to Sparkle E-textiles, an avant-grade way to make interactive textiles, paper, ceramics, and environments.  Participants will receive an Aniomagic Sparkle Kit and learn how sew circuits into fabric. Interested attendees should sign up at:

Participants will need no programming experience to program the sparkle board. We strongly recommend bringing your own Mac/Linux/Windows laptop will allow you more time to change the programming. Scraps of fabric will be available to use during the class; however, it is recommended that participants bring an item that they would like to use for their project (ex. shirt, hat, bag).

Examples of how others have created with the Aniomagic kits

There will be a charge of approximately $30 for the Aniomagic Sparkle Kits that will be paid at the time of registration.  You may also acquire and bring your own Aniomagic Sparkle Kit.


About CicleCityCon:

CircleCityCon is a community-centered information security conference. Our signature offering is the community-led training classes offered to all participants. Events and contests are organized by members of the security community, including both CircleCityCon staffers and community partners. Two tracks, incredible entertainment, and technical villages help round out the CircleCityCon experience.  Please send any event-related questions to

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